Who we are

img1We Travel Himalayas are website based trekking agency having its registered office at Anamnagar-32, Kathmandu Nepal. We offer and organize different Tours, trekking in the major of  the most popular trekking region in Nepal. Travel to Himalayas main aim is to support Tourism industry and to promote new tourist destinations with great enthusiasm. The program, which we plan and produce are absolutely based on the research. Our services are considerably based on our guests’ need and expectation that we believe. We have customized our services and facilities to ensure that anybody enjoy while relaxing in total comfort, the many important destination of Nepal. We believe in traveling with us can be a rewarding experience for you forever. We are confident that our guests will not be just customers but as special friends, who want to come again and again to Nepal through Travel To Himalayas.

Whereas we provide best travel and tour services with competitive rate and the main reason behind it is that we understand the value of your time and money. We are well aware towards social responsibilities and environmental protection. We are very much conscious on our social responsibilities. Our packages ensure the local peoples benefit as much as possible and any environmental impacts on the destinations are minimized.

The best part of our package is that we fully provide a “Tailor Made Package” which will be from guest’s choices.

Needless to say, Nepal is surprisingly rich in natural beauty. Next to exploring this beauty, we also remain active in our social responsibilities. Whenever and wherever possible, we get ourselves involved in awareness programmes, relief distribution for natural disaster affected people, fundraising programs, promoting cultures of rural Nepal, and so on.