Our Packages

Basically we offer three types of tour packages:

Classic: A classic trekking package includes basic path to complete your trekking route, and all the basic amenities you’ll need. Plus, you’ll be offered with typical Nepali dinner with live music and a native beverage (if you like to have drinks) at a Nepali restaurant. However, you have to carry your backpacks yourself. If you are seeking a package friendly for your pocket as well as pocket-watch, this package is the best for you.

Luxury: You’ll have a porter to handle your luggage, and a quite comfortable trek than the classic package. In addition, a luxury package offers few destinations which you’ll find fascinating the more you explore. For example, there are several villages with unique tribal cultures, a glimpse of cultural beauty and “unity in diversity” in Nepal.

Royal: The name itself is sufficient to let you know what we are going to offer you. Top facilities we can offer, and a never lacking excitement throughout the trek. Boating, bungee jumping, wildlife safari are some of the privileges only a royal package can offer. If you opt for an adventurous and luxurious trek, all we recommend is a royal package. It will make you feel no less than a king.